James Conner, Chase Edmonds, Byron Murphy switching to single-digit jerseys

In this week’s Football Morning in America, Peter King shared a list of 16 players who have shared plans to wear single-digit jerseys now that the league allows those numbers to be work by players other than quarterbacks, kickers, and punters.

That list is already out of date. The Cardinals announced a series of jersey selections for new and returning members of the team and three of them are going the single-digit route.

Running back James Conner will wear No. 6 with his new team while backfield mate Chase Edmonds will be ditching No. 29 to wear No. 2. Conner wore No. 30 with the Steelers and No. 24 at Pitt while Edmonds wore No. 22 at Fordham.

Cornerback Byron Murphy plans to switch from No. 33 to No. 7. Safety Budda Baker previously announced that he’ll be wearing No. 3, so they’ll be doubling up on single digits in both the offensive and defensive backfields.

Unless someone compels the team to unretire Larry Wilson’s No. 8, all the moves leave the Cardinals without any single-digit jerseys available. New kicker Matt Prater will wear No. 5, quarterback Kyler Murray wears No. 1, punter Andy Lee wears No. 4, and quarterback Cole McDonald is No. 9.