Fox rescued from storm tank at sewage treatment plant

Firefighters and animal rescuers in Britain came to the rescue of a young fox that fell into a storm tank at a sewage treatment plant and was unable to climb back out.

The RSPCA said inspector Grace Harris-Bridge responded alongside personnel from Kent Fire and Rescue Services when the fox was spotted about 30 feet down in the storm tank at Swalecliffe Treatment Works in Whitstable, England.

The fox was standing on a narrow ledge inside the tank without any means of climbing back out, the RSPCA said.

“This poor fox had got himself in a bit of a pickle, having fallen down into a storm tank at a sewage plant. Thankfully, someone spotted him and contacted us and we were able to climb down and catch the fox in the net after he tried to give us quite the run around,” Harris-Bridge said.

“He was monitored overnight to make sure he was going to be OK and as he was in such good condition he was released back into the wild the next day,” she said. “I’d like to thank the fire and rescue services for their assistance with this rescue as well as the Fox Project who monitored and cared for him overnight.”