Illinois 12-year-old builds world’s tallest popsicle stick structure

A 12-year-old Illinois boy broke a Guinness World Record when he assembled a 20.2-foot tower from popsicle sticks.

Eric Klabel of Naperville said he has been building objects with popsicle sticks and other recycled materials since 2015, and he was inspired to chase the world record after watching a Guinness World Records video highlighting other record holders.

Klabel built the 20.2-foot tower in segments measuring about 3 feet each.

“To make the tower I had to build the same 3-feet-long vertical structure many times, which got very repetitive, though it was still very fun to see it getting taller and taller,” Klabel told Guinness.

Klabel’s other popsicle stick creations include a motorized model car, a boat, a marble run and a functioning chair.

“I felt accomplished and grateful when I became a Guinness World Records title holder. I was so happy that I was able to get to this point. My favorite thing about achieving the record was that I was able to be known for something I am passionate about,” he said.